A few hints and tips

What is your true internet speed?

Have you ever wanted to know what speed your device is connecting to the internet?

Please click here for to check your actual speed!

An alternative to Microsoft Office, for free?!

Do you know that you can download and install a free and fully featured alternative to Microsoft Office? Open Office works with the same file formats as Microsoft Office and is very familiar to use! It can be downloaded from OpenOffice

Another alternative is LibreOffice, this can be downloaded from here!

Be wary of “Phishing, Vishing and Smishing” Emails!!!

There has been an increase in these types of email which intend to try and trick or deceive you, these emails are clever and intend to make you believe they are from an organisation such as your Bank or PayPal, so please be vigilant!

The three terms are all plays on the word ‘fishing’, in that the fraudsters fish for potential victims by sending emails, social media messages or text messages or making phone calls with urgent messages in the hope of persuading someone to visit the bogus website.

Please see this useful article for more details and before it’s too late!