Make your IT life easier and give your eyes a break!

So many people are still working from home and will probably continue to do so well into the future, a lot are working from a tablet or laptop with a small screen, is this productive? Are your eyes feeling the strain?
Well Barton IT Services have the answer (we have lots of answers!) and that is a dual screen setup and all of the options for connecting these to your Windows laptop or tablet and also some Macs!
The photos below show our refurbished HP 24″ 16:10 widescreen monitors and dual stand (we have pedestal as shown or clamp on the desk style in stock). You can have your emails open on one screen and YouTube, errr, I mean your prodictivity spreadsheet open on the other, you can even split the screens into 2 spaces so that you can have 4 apps visible at once! For those who haven’t used multiple screens before, when your mouse cursot leaves one monitor it then appears on the next monitor, you can drag applications from one screen to another and it really revolutionises how you work.
Also, it’s not as expensive as you may think, this dual screen 24″ setup with the stand is available from £130, we also have smaller dual 22″ monitor setups available for around £100!
If you often disconnect your laptop from your desk and use it on the sofa then we also have “docking stations” available, these allow you to connect all of your desk items, keyboard, mouse, network, screens, speakers, webcam etc. all with a single USB cable which makes life so much easier – see the photo at the bottom for details, we have refurbished Dynadocks available for £50!

Connect everything with ease with one of these Toshiba docking stations.

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